Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"The Glass Castle" Character Analysis

The characters in the Memoir of Jeanette Walls and her family and throughout her life are quite unique and are all very enticing. The behaviours and interactions between the characters are almost out of a psychological fiction novel. Jeanette Walls the main protagonists as well as author of the story has the most powerful attribute, she has the ability to forgive her parents actions and as well as other peoples. She has plenty of justified reasons for hating her parents’ actions and well as some others, but instead she confronts them head on and attempts to fix issues that stand before her. In her childhood she is intelligent, kind and forgiving as well as the favourite among the father.  Unlike the other children in the family she has been able to believe in the father for the longest time. Even though her mother, Rose Mary Walls and her father, Rex Walls were not the greatest parents, they still loved her and her siblings, enough to even teach them the right morals that have been taught through there society and even the right morals that were not taught in there society. The timeline and settings described in glass castle had lots of discrimination and racisms surrounding them, enough for her parents to be same, but they believed in equality, which was also passed down to the Walls children. Rex Walls’ mother molested him throughout his childhood and also grew up with his dysfunctional family, and had a childhood that was filled with unpleasantries and distraught that shaped him to have the most complex characteristics. He has a kind yet unpredictably charismatic personality with a sense of justice. He is a man with complicated psychological complexes who makes bad choices within his life but is indeed a man with potential. Rose Mary Walls, the mother of the kids is a kind of person who does not like to worry about and put her care into her own space and works on her dream of becoming an artist. She calls herself a “excitement addict” and She likes to fiend on dominance over the people around her cause of her “control freak” like personality, even thought she puts her children in harm at moments and is not as caring as much as her husband, she is caring in her own way, and does not completely neglect her children. 

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